About us

Green Forest Advisors are experts in innovation and business development and generation, as well as in funding for projects and investments. We help your organisation get better at identifying new ideas, facilitating the journey towards realising a new product or service and identifying suitable markets and strategies for maximising the value of what you have created.

We help you improve your internal processes when creating projects and developing innovations. We can subsequently help assure the quality of a new idea as well as help you create a business plan, produce high-quality applications and projects, identify potential project partners and manage communication with government agencies. We can also take care of the internal and external communication which is required in conjunction with approved projects, and help out with project administration after the project has been approved.

Green Forest Advisors is a national ambassador for a pan-European initiative on smart mobility which is being conducted within the framework of EIP —Smart Cities and Communities (http://ec.europa.eu/eip/smartcities/). This means we can offer Swedish municipalities and cities the opportunity to take part in pilot projects with European partners where new technology and innovations are tested. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

We also cooperate with several other Nordic and European experts within innovation development as well as with financial backers of major investments, which means we can help create international consortia and partnerships in many different fields.

No assignment is too big or too small in our world, so please contact us to see if we can be of assistance. Our goal is for every initial call to lead to long-term cooperation where we can help you grow, thus making the world around us a little bit better.

E-mail: marcus@greenforestadvisors.com | Phone: 0730 932 985